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Most of the sculptures featured here are made from metal or mixed materials. I find sculptures inspiration, just because something does not have a pure functional purpose does not mean it does not have value.


Will robots take over our jobs?

Will robots take over our jobs?

There’s been a commentary running throughout 2016, and I don’t mean Brexit or Celebrity deaths. The message is that the robots are coming to take our jobs. It’s been mentioned by the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Washington Post and CNBC even

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Advent Calendars

Yesterday, I spotted some advent calendars in a local shop and I was a little shocked by the price. When I was a kid they used to be simple cardboard affairs with a picture behind each door. In more recent

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Terminator Eye

A discussion on Element14 about Haloween costumes involving tech reminded me of a prop I built many years ago. It was made for a spoof Terminator film for the Student Television of Imperial College. The director Ronjoy Choudhury wanted a

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Harold Hall – Tools and fixtures

Harold Hall - Tools and fixtures

Veteran metal worker Harold Hall is well known for his magazine articles and books. He’s recently turned to Youtube and has been creating videos of his projects and tools. Each of the short videos explains the parts of the tool

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An interesting technique I’ve been reading about recently is chemical etching. As a young lad I often etched my own PCBs using letraset style transfers and ferric chloride. At Stroud college we used a adapted version of Autocad to design

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