These are the making and repairing projects that are complete. Click on the title or picture to read more.


A circular bezel to mount around a shower fitting. An early lathe project where I upcycled an old piece of computer case into a stylish cover for a friends bathroom.

Christmas Tree Trinket

A Christmas decoration in the shape of a tree with flashing and multicoloured LEDs driven from an Adafruit Trinket board.

Cut off disk mandrel

An upgraded mandrel for cut off disks used in a mini drill

Dolls House

A kit dolls house that was painted and fitted with some stronger parts.

Dragon Detector

An electronics project to build a device that detects dragons and alerts the knights to spring into action.

The project was entered in the Qualcomm Maker Month Contest 2016 and was featured on their Developer of the Month blog.
The detector is activated by a passive infrared detector which activates the webcam to take a picture. The webcam image is passed to a computer vision library called OpenCV which determines if a Dragon has been detected. The defences in the form of lights and motion are activated and the operator is notified using the IFTTT maker API. The brain of the device is the DragonBoard410C running a Linux operating system, the control code is written in Python with libraries for the GPIO access.

Code for the project is on GitHub
Details of the electronics can be found at Element14
The mechanical aspects and enhancements are detailed here.

Enchanted Cottage

The Enchanted Cottage was built for the Element14 Enchanted Objects Design Challenge. A weather house was stripped down and fitted microcontroller, WiFi, 3D printed mechanism, fibre optics and an RGB LED.

Face Plate Dogs

Low profile clamps to hold work onto a faceplate

Flea Chariot

A metal sculpture in brass, mounted on an 1800s French Coin


Making and using a flowerpot furnace for melting aluminium

Gate Pin

A metal pin to support the catch on a metal gate. The old pin had rusted away and needed replacing.


A small hearth for treating metal and other hot project

Magnifier Lamp

A magnifier lamp to help with SMD work, made with scrap materials and 3D printed parts.
Magnifier Lamp, Work in Progress
I've tried to use as much as possible from my "scrap box". The aluminium components are things I cast from old hard disks back in 2008. The base was found dumped outside a furniture shop by Euston, I squared it up with a saw and surform before drilling, sanding and varnishing. The arms were from an old garden parasol that had got worn out by the weather. I believe they are teak. They were planed and sanded to size before drilling. These will likely be left in a natural finish. The 3D parts are designed using OpenSCAD and printed with a Cel Robox printer.


A welded garden obelisk

Printing Stamp

A wood and lino stamp for printing a logo

Radiator Tool

A hexagonal tool to be used with a socket wrench to open a radiator plug within a restricted space

Repoussé Medal

A medal formed in brass sheet using repoussé and chasing


A leather sandbag for forming metal

Stainless Steel Washer

A large diameter washer for a mainsheet horse on a sailing boat


T shaped nuts for securing parts to a slotted table. These were milled on the lathe and are used on the drill table.

Topsy Turvy Clock

A mantel clock with the numbers in Topsy Turvy locations. This project is a mixture of mechanics, electronics and embedded firmware. It won a prize in the Maplin Arduino competition.

Valve Amp Feet

Turned aluminium to replace plastic feet on a valve amplifier


BeagleBone Blue Music Player

BeagleBone Blue Music Player

I wanted to do a mini project with the BeagleBone Blue that would utilise all of its servo capabilities. So I came up with the idea of a mechanical glockenspiel. There was not much to the mechanical aspects other than

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Project Review

Project Review

Earlier this year, I suggested that I should finish more projects than I start to avoid an increasing pile of boxes on the bench. Finished this year There’s been quite a few projects finished this year, a mix of high

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Knight v2 Completion

Knight v2 Completion

The knight project was completed just in time for the October Linuxing in London meetup. Mechanics The 3D model was completed and painted a week or so back. I filled a spare hole in the box lid with a dowel

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More Knight Painting

More Knight Painting

Knight This week the knight was painted with some metallic paint, this looked a bit watery for the first coat but the second coat came up great. and the shield was painted red and white. The shield was painted red

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Painting the Knight

Painting the Knight

Earlier in the year, I printed out a new 3D knight model for my Dragon Detector in white ABS. I’ve been looking at different ways of getting this painted and was considering some metallic spray paints. I concluded those were

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