Methods, processes or procedures


Printing using a 3D printer


Forging and other techniques used in blacksmithing


Casting of aluminium in the flowerpot furnace





Assembling metals using welding or fastenings


Heat Treatment




Milling is machining things using a rotating tool. Typically this is done using a milling machine but with a bit of ingenuity it also be done in the lathe.



Cutting a circular groove or hole leaving the centre material in place or forming a separate disk. A more efficient technique that boring or drilling in that it removes less material



Welding HistoryRTech Welding
When I was an apprentice at Dowty we were sent to Stroud College to learn some specialist skills and complete an electronics project. We decided to build a tracking solar panel that followed the sun. For this we needed a framework to support our mocked up panel. So I temporarily joined the metal work class and watched the demonstration of lots of different types of welding. I also learnt how to braze using Oxy-Acetylene. I practiced this on the framework for the tracker.

More recently I attended an evening class at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I built a giant flea sculpture using MIG welding.

After doing some research I bought a small DC TIG welder from R-Tech Welding who I also use for welding supplies. The reason for picking this is that it’s has less sparks so is safer for my small workshop and can be used on a wide variety of sizes of steel. I did not need to use the welder in a lot of different places so transporting the argon tank is not an issue. I have used this welder for variety welding projects in my workshop shed which you can see listed below. If you use MIG or TIG then I can definitely recommend getting a large refillable gas canister (in my case argon) as the small disposable canisters will run out quickly and it will become expensive very quickly. I found that even for a quick project such as my Obelisks that required multiple canisters.


Work Holding


Trouble with the Robox

Trouble with the Robox

Unfortunately when I went to turn on the Robox to do some printing then an error message appeared. “unable to perform the nozzle selection command” I followed those instructions and when I looked at the head, I saw what the

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3D printing with PET

3D printing with PET

This week I’ve been working with the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) filaments from Refil. It’s made from recycled bottles and no additional colouring is added so it comes in a limited range of colours. I got a sample pack which has

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Thoughts on 3D Modelling

Thoughts on 3D Modelling

For the Upcycle It Design Challenge I’ve been creating a few models in OpenSCAD to augment my RC car. The first one I printed was a support for the Intel Edison in the style of some car parts. I’ve also

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Titan Combi Drill

Titan Combi Drill

Those who follow on twitter will know that my cordless drill died mid-project. I believe the brushes wore out. As I was in the middle of building, I did not have the chance to strip it down and determine the

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First make of the year

First make of the year

The first make of the year was a bit of 3D printing. I am road testing a Bitscope Blade over on Element14 and wanted to mount my disk and power supply on a board. Design After failing to find anything

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