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Conductive Paint and Threaded Inserts

Conductive Paint and Threaded Inserts

Thanks to Rachel Lancaster from It’s All Geek to me I’ve had the chance to try out the Christmas cards from Bare Conductive. The set has three cards, a Santa, Flash (Rudolf’s lesser known cousin) and a Polar bear. There

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Christmas Tree Trinket

Adafruit Trinket 5V

My work colleague joked that I should not be let near the Christmas fairy lights as I’d probably “hook a microcontroller to them”. I’d not actually thought of this before but as the gauntlet had been thrown down I thought

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From prototype to product – A practical guide for electronic engineers

This book endeavours to teach you what they don’t teach on an electronics degree, the process of turning your prototype circuit into a product. It does so by selecting four key topics; design issues, design for manufacture, compliance and project

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Tenma Soldering Station

Tenma Soldering Station

My old Antex soldering iron is about 25 years old and although it provides a good service it is a bit beaten up. The cable is held together with self amalgamating tape and the element is looking a bit corroded.

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Enchanted Cottage – Proposal

Enchanted Cottage - Proposal

My plan for the Element14 Enchanted Objects Design Challenge is to take an old fashioned weather house and retrofit it with electronics

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